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Stable Mirrors
Travelling or Pony Stable Mirror £19.95
808mm by 600mm
Large Stable Mirror £33.95
1220mm by 808mm
Extra Large Stable Mirror £39.95
1220mm by 1220mm

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Why Buy a Stable Mirror ?

The scientific research over 5 years has shown that installing a Stable Mirror has dramatic results with stable vices and horse welfare

  • horses stopped or significantly reduced weaving within 24 hours (see Sunday Telegraph news report)
  • stable vices are cured or significantly reduced
  • horses are happier and more relaxed
  • achieved by installing a mirror in the stable
  • Mirrors need to be unbreakable for safety.
  • acrylic mirrors are recommended

We only sell Acrylic Stable Mirrors, these are recommended by scientists for safety.

"Horses are happier and more relaxed if mirrors are fitted inside their stables, scientists have found " Sunday Telegraph
In the Section Boredom and Stable Vices you will find a selection of articles which appeared online in the Daily Telegraph, BBC, NFU and other web sites as well as Scientific Research and papers on Stable Vices, Boredom in stabled horses and the use of Stable Mirrors.

The Stable Mirror Company is based in Windsor, Berkshire and ships all over the UK via insured courier.
Mirror sizes range from 3 sizes of Stable Mirrors for Ponies, medium Horses and large Horses. We also supply 8ft by 4 ft (2.4m x 1.2m) mirrors for Indoor Arena, Menage or School use.

We prefer to call them Stable Mirrors although some people have referred to them as Horse Mirrors. Whatever you call the mirrors one thing is certain, by fitting one for your horse or pony you will improve its quality of life when stabled.

Buy or Order securely online, by mail or on the phone.
If you have a saddler you would like to supply you then we are happy to arrange this with them.

Large Stable Mirrors from just £33.95 (large size 1220 mm by 808mm) Travelling Mirrors from just £12.95 (400 mm by 600mm
Unbeatable prices
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Why fit a stable mirror for your horse ?
Stable Mirrors have a dramatic effect on the well being of a stabled horse or pony - reducing or curing stable vices and horses are happier and more relaxed read more ....
Travelling Mirror - for Trailers and Horseboxes
Horses which are bad or nervous travellers or which have to spend time in a trailer or box at an event will often become more relaxed and calm with a travelling mirror fitted. Their own reflection appears as a companion and can have a calming effect.
Stable Vices - what are they and what causes them ? - weaving, box walking, crib-biting and other forms of boredom and stress - find out more about them, cures and international research here
Do Stable Mirrors cure stable vices ? Read what our customers say ..... click here
Interested in working with us - to supply mirrors in your area? click here to find out more.

Stable Mirrors or horse mirrors as some call them are fitted inside the horse's stable. Our mirrors are currently being used in further research on reducing stress during horse transport and also with stallions.

We will publish the outcomes of this research in the coming months.

Arena Mirrors
Acrylic safety mirrors for horses and ponies in stables sold online or on ebay
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